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I haven't been around on line much this week because of the annoying reason of having to work for a living, and also the wonderful reason of having good friends over from New Zealand to stay. Cameron and Wendy are our great buddies who returned home to Kiwi Land in 2004. Since then, we've seen them three times, so the rare occasions we do get together are very special. They've been with us a couple of days, and last night, we headed out to a lovely steak house close to home in a village called Bagshot where they used to live when they were in the UK and, as it was their last evening before heading back down under, we had a few drinks, a great meal and relived old times.

There was a lot of laughter - and one or two tears!

And here's a group mugshot of us bunch of reprobates. 

There's even a rare bonus picture of Mr D! )

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It's been a lovely Christmas day here in the Dizzo household, peaceful and beautifully unplanned with no requirement to be anywhere or with anyone.

We started off with a very welcome lie-in and didn't surface until after 9.30, then it was straight downstairs to have breakfast and open our gifts.

I got lots of gorgeous Supernatural loot, some money and a great camera; that'll come in really handy for the cons - I've just got to learn how to use it.  I must have been a very good girl this year - either that, or Santa has really lowered his standards recently!

It was mid afternoon, while I was sitting on the couch reading 'The Road to Little Dribbling' by Bill Bryson, when Mr D started cooking dinner - how lucky am I to be married to a man who's a great cook?  Although, having said he's a great cook, his traditional Christmas dinner did turn into a high protein low carb Christmas dinner when he forgot to cook the potatoes!!!  Yes, there they all are.  Still sitting in the fridge, exactly where they were this morning ...


So potatoes, or lack thereof, aside, I have eaten enough to feed a siege, and we have continued our Star Wars marathon (currently on to Return of the Jedi).  There has also been wine.  Lots of wine!

So before I head off for one last glass, here are some gift-wrapped boys for you.  Now be careful when you unwrap them.  They bruise easily!

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Mr Dizzo has a very good friend - a lovely guy called Martyn.  They met when they worked together on the railway yonks ago, and although they have long since gone their separate ways, we've all remained good friends and will be seeing Martyn tomorrow evening after work.

We have a little tradition between us which started right from the first Christmas that Mr D and Martyn knew each other.  You see, Mr D was a railwayman, but was NOT a train enthusiast; he was a great pains to point this out to anyone who would listen.  Martyn, on the other hand, loves trains, and is very knowledgable and enthusiastic about them.  He can talk about them at length ...

Trust me, I know!

Anyhoo, that Christmas Martyn was bemoaning the fact that there are hardly any decent Christmas card with pictures of diesel engines on them ... REALLY?  Is anyone surprised?  And so, for a joke, that first year, I drew him a Christmas card wiith a cartoon train and a caricature of him on it.
He loved it so much, I kind of set a benchmark, and now I've ended up drawing a card every year for him!

Now, I've done about fifteen of these things over the years, and they normally involve some kind of in joke revolving around what's going on in the railway, or in Martyn's life generally.

Sadly, I can only find three of them saved on my computer for posterity - including the one I've just finished drawing tonight, so as they are fun to do, and they make Martyn happy, these are my happy pictures for today ...

Train stuff! )
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'Pour me a glass', I shouted down the stairs as I ran upstairs to get changed.

If Mr Dizzo ever decides to leave his job to run a pub, I'm so drinking there ...

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I've posted many paeans of praise to Mr Dizzo on my journal, but really; the man is unique in the best possble way!

Mr Dizzo vs the Doughnut )
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A lady Mr Dizzo works with has recently been disgnosed with breast cancer, and is currently off from work following surgery.  In her absence, the office held a 'pink' day today to raise funds for Breast Cancer Research, and ...

The adventures of Mr D )
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Today has been a good day!

Apart from the fact that it's Friday, wich makes it good for that reason alone, it's the day on which I watched the Superatural season 12 premiere, and what can I say?  Well, without spoiling anyone too much ... BUGGER ME! 

That was bloody fantastic, I was glued the whole time, and can I just say, that I'd like to take a blunt instrument to that snotty British cow?

In other (equally important) news, it's Mr D's birthday today.  He loved his T shirt and Lego gifts, and we've just come back from a couple of hours at our local wine bar celebrating the auspicious occasion with a bottle of New Zealand's finest and a gorgeous antipasti spread that could feed a siege.

Mr D spent part of his workday on helipad duties.  And when he's not being a brave and fantastic first responder at the hospital helipad, there are still regular and mundane tasks to be fulfilled.  Regular and mundane tasks like cleaning up pigeon shit ...

Happy birthday Mr D!!!
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Talking over a bottle of wine this evening, I mentioned to Mr Dizzo that I had an email exchange today with a lady from my old job, and that we're getting together for a drinkie next week.

"Oh that's nice," he replies; "how are things in the old place, is Gaz still there?"

"Yes," say I, curling my lip in disgust; "he's still there, still being an arsehole apparently."

Mr D replies; "you shouldn''t call him an arsehole, that's hardly fair."

I bristle furiously.  "What d'y mean not fair?"

"Well," says Mr D; "arseholes are very important; they serve a really practical purpose.  That's more than you can say for Gaz the dickweasel."

How can I argue with that logic??
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Mr Dizzo is having a birthday next week, and this makes me happy for several reasons

Firstly, he'll be the same age as me for six months!
secondly, I've sorted out his presents already and
thirdly, I'm married to a man who's not interested in the usual mens' birthday presents, you know; golf clubs, football shirts, power tools etc.

This year I've got him:

A lego set and

A Schrodingers' Cat T-shirt!

Nerds of the world unite!!!


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