Dec. 19th, 2016 09:53 pm
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How to look like a complete tit in one easy lesson ...

... Charge round the house searching for memory stick.
... Can't find it.
... Charge around some more, ranting and waving arms in comically Mediterranean fashion.
... Borrow Mr Dizzo's memory stick
... Take memory stick to laptop.
... Unplug my - apparently missing - memory stick from USB port in laptop to make room for one purloined from Mr D.
... Totally fail to realise the sheer absurdity of this for at least five minutes ...

Complete titness - achieved.
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... you're watching your husband trying (and failing) to break up a chocolate snowman, and you laugh so hard you ACTUALLY pee yourself!

It was when he finally succeeded on the fourth attempt - after having cracked a plate - and he yelled out "FINALLY!  NOW TRY WALKING IN THE FUCKING AIR, BASTARD." that the dam broke!!!

I'm way too easily amused!
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I was going through some old photos, and I rediscovered this little relic from nearly seven years ago (in my pre-Supernatural days - YIKES!)

I think it proves that the geekish tendancies were there all along, just waiting to find the right inspiration ...

Geekiness here ... )
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... rediscovered during our recent redecorating/house clearing exercise:

One very erect and highly suggestive banana candle! )
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... and I was wondering if one of my US f-listies might be able to help me out?

Nothing's ever simple! )
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You know you're lost to the world of normal people when you go out for lunch with a couple of friends, and instead of asking for:

You ask for orange J2 instead.

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I've just spent a lovely weekend on the Isle of Wight, visiting my parents.

One of my major aims during my regular visits there is to drag my technophobe father into the 21st century.  This has been a long and laborious process which has been slightly more painful than pulling teeth with a pair of rusty pliers, and it's far from over.  It's been made more difficult as they have no broadband (they have no computer), and the Isle of Wight is blessed with a mobile phone signal which I'm convinced is powered by a three-legged hamster on a turbine.

But at Christmas, I finally convinced him to upgrade his mobile from the prehistoric brick he has been using for about the last five years to something with a camera - we haven't got as far as smartphones yet - and this weekend I took his new phone down to him and together we introduced him to the delights of receiving photos, taking photos and texting them.

Unbeknownst to me, however, his new phone has Tetris on it.  Something he discovered purely by accident this morning while I was out at their local leisure centre having a Sunday morning swim.

And now he's totally and utterly, hopelessly addicted.

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A brief exchange which took place in the Dizzo household just a couple of minutes ago ...

Mr Dizzo (shouting down from the bathroom):    Is there any wine in the fridge?
Me (distracted by logging onto my laptop, to open up the reference picture of Sam that I'm doing a drawing of at the moment): No, I can get one out of the larder and put it in the fridge for later.
Mr Dizzo: Okay, do that then.
Me: (still distracted): Yep, okay; I'll do it in a sec, I'm just getting Sam up ...
Mr Dizzo: Lucky sod.
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... you're sitting in a customer service training session thinking about chapter 6 of your current fic in progress, and the facilitator plays audio files of four examples of really bad customer service and asks delegates to critique them.  Then she plays the fifth and looks directly at you.

It's scripted, you say.  The receptionist says all the right things but it sounds false and over the top; sacharrine, insincere.  You kind of expected her to round it off by saying 'have a nice day'.

Apparently, this was supposed to be the example of really good customer service!



Yes, this!

Oct. 24th, 2014 12:55 pm
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Mar. 16th, 2014 09:01 am
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I wouldn't want you fine people to think I have a one track mind; my mind is a verdant pasture, broad and rolling, it stretches to every horizon, a never-ending expanse of creativity and imagination that bursts forth like blossoms in springtime and

Oh, who am I trying to kid?  Of course I have a bloody one-track mind ...


See, Jensen approves!

But in the interests of fair play, I have decided my Journal has been a little perverted Jensen-heavy of late, so I've decided it's time to extol the virtues of our other delicious J, the man who puts the 'mmmmmmm' in Sam.

Therefore, ladies, it is my unparalleled delight to bring you a multitudinous mountain of Moosey magnificence - (and some pretty nifty alliteration to boot).


Here there be Moose ... )

Picture credits )
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My friend metallidean_grl has decided to brighten up Monday by urging us to celebrate our lovely Jensen's magnificent smile,
You know, the one that stops traffic and launches a thousand ships ...


Anyway, since when have I needed to put a collection of Jensen pictures together?

Um, since ... never.

So, herewith; a short instructional on the many smiles of one Jensen Ackles and his alter ego, Dean Winchester:

gold border


Beware of the Prettiness! )
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Thanks to tifaching for letting me know that I had yet another Valentine - involving a red rose, Dean, and no clothing - from our adorable Trickster (such a nice guy really, he's just misunderstood).

Because I clearly have the observational skills of a blind dog, in a dark room, with a bag on its head, I had completely missed this one, so my profound apologies and thanks aplenty go to
the lovely person who sent it on behalf of our delightful Trickster :)

Go over to Blood and Pies 'Moon Struck' Valentines Event to share the love - and look harder than I did !!!
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This is London's latest statue; a 5 metre high blue cockerel said to symbolise strength and regeneration.

IMG_0488 (2)

Funny how everything takes on a different meaning when you've read way too much J2 slash...
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Musings ... )
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I just found out today that I've got to attend a meeting next week, about my company's pension scheme.  And it's pencilled into my diary for four hours.


Talking about pensions?

I can feel my brain liquifying as I type; it's dribbling out of my ears. Oh heck, that's gonna stain the couch!

Sheesh, I can feel a spam coming on ...

For the purposes of preserving what little sanity I've managed to scrape up off the carpet and to celebrate Supernatural being reviewed for a tenth season, here are ten pictures of Dean/Jensen that make me giggle!

Silliness abounds ... )
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My lovely f'listies, I need your help!

A few days ago I saw a thingybob for a valentines exchange where you submitted prompts of characters you'd like to get valentines from.  I thought this sounded like a hoot, so duly submitted my prompts.

So today, thinks I, I'll pop back onto that post and fill a couple of prompts, and lo and behold, I find I haven't saved it to my memories!!!

I've trawled through my friends page back to the last week in January and CAN'T BLOODY FIND IT!

My eternal gratitude and a smile fron Dean to anyone who finds it 


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