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'Fool your friends into thinking their house has turned into a train by running past their window holding a shrub...'

And because I have the sense of humour of a five-year-old, I'm sobbing with laughter here ...

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Okay, this made me think of every brain-melting business meeting I've ever sat through!

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Well, I'm back from the wilds of the Isle of Wiight.

Everyone was fine, the sun shone and my mother fed me enough to sink a battleship!

This morning I took my parents to the local garden centre, and while they were busy discussing the merits of geraniums, my mind  began to wander  when I saw a bag off rock salt.

And I found myself thinking  ... do you reckon Sam and Dean bother with the health and safety information?

Just in case you were wondering,  I don't find garden centres particularly stimulating!
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My friend posted this on Facebook a few days ago, and it made me LOL.  I think I've done every single one of these - I must be so painfully British, it's pathetic!

What it's like to be British!! )
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A couple of weeks ago, I went out for a night with my lovely HR girlies from my old job.  We met up at Ruth's house and the prosecco was flowing freely.

Ruth's two beautiful little daughters have a pet hamster called Snowball, and because we started talking about Snowball, it was decided she should join the party with us.

Sam emailed me this video (that I didn't even know she'd made), a couple of days ago.  As you can see, Hamster-fuelled drunked fun ensued ...

I can assure you, no Hamsters were harmed in the making of this video!
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As it's PI day, how could I resist a little selection of pie-loving and general food-loving Dean pictures ...?

Because, after all, seeing Dean eat is a joy to behold.  Who cares about table manners?
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Because the 2nd - 8th of March is ...

Now steady on Dean, deep breaths now ...

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Well, it hasn't been the most wonderful of weeks so far.  The feed pipe behind our washing machine sprung a leak - we don''t know when exactly, but we think it was some time ago.  We had no idea until about four days ago when a big icky brown stain appeared on the hall carpet, literally overnight!

We were baffled by the stain, but when we realised it was damp we figured that we must have a leak!  Mr D found the source of the leak and isolated it, and we have a plumber coming over on Monday to fix it.  In the meantime, we can't use our washing machine (so don't stand downwind of me for a while!).

I had the insurance assessor come over tonight and he had a snoop round taking some photos and making notes.  As well as the hall carpet, it's very likely the kitchen floor will have to be replaced as it is made up of stone-effect wooden tiles, and some of them have started to feel  spongey because  the water has spread across the floor under them, and also the kitchen cabinet that the leak is behind as the wood has swollen and cracked all the laminate.  Of course, the insurance won't pay for the plumber, only the damage the water does, and although the excess on our policy is £150.00, for water damage the grasping gits charge £350.00.

Lucky us!

Anyhoo, you know what?  I'm not going to let it get me down; far worse things happen all of the time!

We've got a new episode tonight, it's nearly the weekend, there's a bottle of wine chillin' in the fridge for tomorrow evening and I have treated myself to a seriously ZANY new nail design!
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I've really got totally out of synch with this meme and my Snowflake Challenge - I will get back to them soon.  Sadly my snowflake goal of not letting myself get stupidly busy hasn't got off to a very good start!!!

Anyhoo, this turned up on a group I follow in Facebook today.  I guess it's a transcript from Jax!con, although I'm not sure.  Whatever it is, my pervy, totally wicked imagination is doing happy cartwheels at this ridiculously adorable mental image ...

Poor Dean!

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I've been lucky enough to enjoy a number of socials thanks to my work over this Christmas and new year period, and the last one was last Thursday, which was the biggest and most prestigious of all these events.

I got to meet in person a number of people I've heard about and contacted via phone and email, but not yet met in the flesh, so that was lovely.  Chief among these was a meeting with a Senior Regional Manager who we will call Kevin for the purposes of this post!

After initial introductions, the conversation went thus ...

Me:         Hi Kevin, I'm Jane - payroll - It's nice to finally meet you at last!
Kevin:     Oh yes, hi Jane, great to meet you at last - it's always nice to put a face to the name.
Me:         Absolutely.  Nice tie, by the way!
Kevin:     Yeah it's good isn't it.  It was my secret Santa present.
Me:         Oh wow, it's nice when someone takes the time to think of something you'll really like, isn't it.
Kevin:     Yeah.  What did you get?
Me:         I got a Star Trek Mug and T-shirt - someone really knows me well!
Kevin:     Star Trek?  Are you a Trekkie?
Me:         Not specifically.  I just love sci-fi and fantasy generally.  I'm a bit of a geek!
Kevin:     Oh God, you're not one of these sad twats that goes to conventions and dresses up are you?
Me:      *grins*
Kevin:   *face slowly drops*
Me:       *grin broadens*
Kevin:    Oh God, you are, aren't you!
Me:        *curtseys* Sad twat at your service!
Kevin:    Oh fucking hell!  What an introduction.  I'm so sorry ...
Me:        Yep, I'm a sad twat and proud of it.  *Grins* Oh, and by the way, I will NEVER let you forget this, just so you know!!!
Kevin:    You've got a real evil streak haven't you.  I like you!
Me:        Good, you can buy me a drink then!
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Grab the book nearest you, turn to page 117. The second sentence will be your life for 2017.

The book that I've been browsing through for the last few days is 'Turtle Recall' by Sir Terry Pratchett.

So, here goes ...

'The Great Bazonko has been clowning now for over four hundred years.'

Oooookay!  Pull up a chair, grab some popcorn.  My 2017 is gonna be one interesting year!!!
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Things can never be simple, can they?

Our heating is powered by a boiler which is now about 15 years old and undeniably past its best, so back in the Autumn, Mr D and I decided to take the plunge and replace it ready for the winter.

So, late October, we contacted British Gas who sent a representative over, complete with Boiler catalogue - that was a scintillating evening, I can tell you!

Our current boiler is in an outside meter cupboard on the side of our porch, but our friendly boiler expert told us that the new boiler couldn't be put there because of new legislation, not enough space for air to circulate, yada yada yada ...

So, the new boiler would have to be moved to the other side of the wall, in the downstairs toilet, which now means that structural work to the house is now part of our new boiler installation. :(

It gets better.  When the workmen came in early November to check the job out, they found asbestos in the work area.  So all plans were immediately halted until asbestos removal could take place.  *sigh*

So today, I've been working from home while a team of asbestos experts do what they need to do to remove all the asbestos.  I've had a big orange truck, complete with decontamination unit trailer and a mile long list of hazard warning signs parked outside my house all day, together with two guys in hazchem suits wandering around, cordoning off the front of the house with a big perspex work tunnel.

On the plus side, I think the people of Lightwater think there's been a rabies outbreak at my house - there's been some very alarmed looks from passers by all day! :D

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I have a function at work next week that requires me to wear evening dress.  It's been a fair while since I had to get all dolled up for a black tie affair, and so having treated myself to a new dress in the sales last week, I now realise that I need to invest in a strapless bra.

I was having a little wander around the lingerie on Amazon this evening and I noted that the bras are nearly all labelled as 'womens' bras.

Well, I'm so glad we clarified that then!!!

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Purloined from [livejournal.com profile] wings128

Apparently I'm ...

Pure and innocent?  Moi?
But of course ... just ask Jensen!

Take the quiz


Dec. 19th, 2016 09:53 pm
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How to look like a complete tit in one easy lesson ...

... Charge round the house searching for memory stick.
... Can't find it.
... Charge around some more, ranting and waving arms in comically Mediterranean fashion.
... Borrow Mr Dizzo's memory stick
... Take memory stick to laptop.
... Unplug my - apparently missing - memory stick from USB port in laptop to make room for one purloined from Mr D.
... Totally fail to realise the sheer absurdity of this for at least five minutes ...

Complete titness - achieved.
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... or plumbed new depths, depending on your point of view!

Behold, my Christmas present to myself:

So wrong, and yet ... so wrong!
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This turned up on my Facebook feed this morning ... and it put a very big smile on my face!

What can I say?  Once a model, always a model!
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What sort of Supernatural fan would I be if I didn't ...


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