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Day 22 - A Picture of what you wore today

I know when I post pictures of myself here, I'm normally cavorting around in Supernatural T shirt and Jeans, so just for jolly, here's a picture of what I wore to the office today!

Dizzo looking kind of respectable ... scary! )
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Day 7 - Do you read? What are your favorite books?

Books! )

Day 6
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Day 6 - A band or musician that is important to you

I've always loved Queen.  Roger Taylor, the drummer was one of my first crushes back in the early eighties, and Freddie Mercury was the ultimate showman and he was backed up by three of the most brilliant musiciams ever to take the stage.  As far as I'm aware, Queen have never produced a song I didn't like.

I would have loved to go to a Queen concert, but I never had anyone to go with, and so it didn't happen.  Then, when I first met Mr D in May 1991, one of the first things we established was a mutual love of Queen and we decided that we would go to a Queen concert the next time they toured.

Then a couple of months later Freddie Mercury died, and the world lost one of the most gifted performers who ever lived :(

I know Queen have continued in one form or another since Freddie's departure, but I prefer to think of them as the complete unit that they were back in the 70's and 80's, so I will never fulfil my wish of going to a Queen concert.  But that's fine, I still listen to their songs regularly, and never fail to enjoy them.

In the meantime, here is one of my favourite Queen songs and I particularly love this video because it was made at the height of my Roger Taylor crush.  Just try to resist those eyes ...

Day 5
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It's been a great day in work today.

It's days like today that remind me how lucky I am to work there, and that the long days and the occasional crap that goes with running a busy payroll, are a small price to pay for working somewhere that believes fun and social interaction should be as much as part of the workday as, well, work

We had an all-day St Patrick's day party that included Irish music, decorations, an irish buffet (irish cheddar, soda bread, potato crisps, bacon, corned beef and irish chcolates, guinness fudge and irish coffee complete with whiskey).

And of course, the day wouldn't be complete without a couple of photos:

and here they are: )
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Not a picture today, just a happy post!

Back in the middle of February, I decided to do Sugar-Free February (yes, I know I started 2 weeks late but hey ho, story of my life!)

I haven't been obsessive about it, nothing short of a health scare is going to make me give up my weekend bottle of wine, and last week I had a custard doughnut, my first cake for three weeks, because my boss had a birthday.  But I've been making a point of only picking things at the supermarket which have a green rating on the sugar category, and substiituting the sugar in my tea for sweeteners, and I have to say, I've been pleasantly surprised at how easy I've found it.

Added to that, I decided to tie it in with a calorie control exercise to help me get into a little bit more shape for the May cons.  I'm being really strict at the moment, (1,000 calories a day) up until my birthday, then I'll celebrate for a week or so before getting back onto it without being quite so strict (I'll probably up it to 1,500 calories a day).

Added again to that, the fact that I've been doing the 'Walk all over Cancer' fundraising campaign, getting sponsored to to walk at least 10,000 steps every day for the month of March (averaging about 11,500 per day so far).

With all this going on, I stepped onto the scales this morning, and I have lost a stone!!! Well, a stone and one pound to be precise!  That's fifteen pounds in American money.

Who's a happy (and significantly smaller) Dizzo then!! :D
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Me after trying (unsuccessfully I might add) since the first week of January to navigate the HM Revenue and Customs idiotic Website so I can file my sodding tax return online.

Please can I do this to HM Revenue and Customs? Please?  Can I?

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Mr D and I have just got back from a morning out at one of our longest-running and much-loved local events.

Very close to the village of Lightwater, where I live is another village called Windlesham, and they have an annual event, every Boxing Day morning; the Windlesham Pram Race.  It started life 50 years ago as a bit of drunken revelry and has, over the years, morphed into the biggest officially organised annual charity fundraising event in either of our villages.

I've been very bad at supporting the pram race over the last couple of years, so this year Mr D and I were determined to get ourselves over to Windlesham to watch the shenanigans and cheer on the participants again.

The basic premise of the pram race is a number of teams in fancy dress pushing a themed pram (or similar unpowered vehicle) over a course of approximately two miles around the village.  Of course, being a British event, it also involves alcohol - lots pf alcohol, and there are five pub stops along the two mile course.

Yes, as you can imagine, it's not a very serious event!!!

So, here are a few pictures from this morning's race:

Boxing Day silliness )
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Bowie, Pete Burns, Prince, Rick Parfitt, Greg Lake and now George Michael ...

I feel like the soundtrack of my youth is slowly being erased.

Please, no more :(
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My Mum has, this year, really got into NCIS.  She's been devouring them on various freeview channels, and bemoaning the fact that those channels don't show them in order, so earlier this year I ordered her the seasons 1 - 11 boxset on Amazon.

She seems to have developed a particular liking for Tony DiNozzo.  Every time I go to see my parents, I'm asked to find to get on 'my internet thng' and look up facts about the character, and Michael Wetherley, the actor.

It's actually really cute!  I've never seen her like this over a show or an actor, and NCIS, although not really my thing, is streets ahead of the usual shit she watches, likes soaps and reality TV.  So, of course, I'm being a total enabler.  I sit and watch it with her when I visit them, and I've ordered her the season 12 DVD for Christmas.

And then I decided to do something for a little surprise, also for Christmas ...

Her own personal Tony DiNozzo portrait! )
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I've had a lovely evening with one of my my many dear friends from New Zealand.  Chris is over for two weeks visiting family; we haven't met up for about 7 years and together with Mr D, we spent a lovely evening in the local wine bar having a great catch up.

Every time I meet up with one of my precious kiwi friends, I'm reminded that time and distance are no impendiment to true friendship.  Without exception, whenever we meet up it's like we never left off; it's effortless. And although it's so very hard to say goodbye, It also makes me happy because I know how lucky I am to know such special people.

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This is Dylan, my latest commission.

Dylan )
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Mr D discovered this beautiful picture today and I just had to share it for this meme, because it made me feel very happy ... and just a little bit wistful too!

For those of you who, like me, love Calvin and Hobbes, the naughty, precocious little boy and his stuffed tiger, this picture of them all grown up, but still enjoying each other's company, is just adorable.


credit Sean Hampton-Cole on Pinterest

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I said a while back that I think I landed squarely on my feet in my new job, and last night just proved to further reinforce that opinion.

A group of us headed up to London to go see a Cricket match at the Oval Cricket Ground, Surrey v Kent, and I think it's fair to say that a good time was had by all!

I enjoy Cricket anyway and, being a Surrey girl, I was delighted that Surrey hammered Kent and won easily.

Here's a few pics from the night:

At the Beehive pub outside the Oval; this was probably as sober as we were all evening ...
At this point, us ladies had christened ourselves the 'Twats in Hats'!
Yep, that was about the level for the night

A night at the Cricket )
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A piece of news that made me very happy yesterday was the news that all the money raised after the Ice Bucket Challenge shenanigans back in 2014 has been used towards some amazing research into Motor Neurone Disease, and some potentially great breakthoughs have been made as a result.

To all those people who said it was just a silly fad, here's what your 'silly fad' achieved. You are so very wrong.

I was proud to be a very small part of it!

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And people wonder why I bloody hate gardening!!!
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[livejournal.com profile] sinfulslasher asked 'what's your favorite vacation spot? Post a pic if you've been there before or let us know what's on your bucket list of places to see!'

Two places I love )
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[livejournal.com profile] just_ruth asked what is my favourite seaside or beach

I think that would have to be Colwell Bay on the Isle of Wight.  It's a five minute walk from my parents' house and it's classed as one of the best beaches on the Island.  In the Summer, it gets busy enough to have lots of atmosphere, but having only a handful of small cafes and bars, it's not tacky and naff as a lot of the larger, more touristy seaside resorts around the UK are.

A couple of pictures taken at quieter times:

Colwell Bay )
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[livejournal.com profile] fairyniamh asked what my favourite alcoholic drink is.

That's an easy one, I'm a wine girl, and my tipple of choice is a lovely crisp, citrussy Marlborough (New Zealand) Sauvignon Blanc.

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Well, I'm happy tonight because I have had an uninterrupted day to work on - and complete - my bees!  These were commissioned by a lay whose sister is an entomologist, specialising in bees, who works for the Surrey Wildlife Trust in monitoring bee populations, as well as educating and raising awareness of bees and their value to us.

Cartoons aren't really my thing, so it's always an interesting, but fun challenge to do something like this, and I've really enjoyed it, but - at the same time - I'm glad they're finished.

All that's left is to mount and frame them.

And here they are ...

Bees )


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