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... I wonder what Jensen's describing here ?

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A little double drabble written to satisfy the DEW challenge here on Lj and the Fanfiction.net drabble challenge.
The DEW theme was 'nudity'
The Fanfiction.net callenge word was 'shine'


Rating: T
Genre: Humour
Character: Dean
Spoilers/Warnings: Nudity and Naughtiness
Word Count: 200
Disclaimer: Is there anyone who actually thinks I own him?

Dean always impresses the chicks … even when he doesn’t mean to. )
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I know that gloating is a sign of a small and petty mind but, do you know what?  Sod it.  I'm going to gloat and I'm going to enjoy it!!!

Gloaty McGloatface )
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I cannot look at this picture and think clean thoughts.
Spontaneously ovulating here ...

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Thinking about the sad loss of Victoria Wood got me to thinking of this knicker-wettingly hilarious song which, for me, is the crowning glory of her long and illustrious career:


(Okay, hand up - who else was thinking about the Ballad of Jared and Jensen and having themselves a naughty giggle or two?)
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*sniggers* )
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Oh, this picture is giing me all sorts of naughty feels ...

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I know all has not been unicorns and chocolate sprinkles at my work recently, but today was a day that I will remember for a long time for all the RIGHT reasons!

You couldn't make it up! )
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Earlier this evening , Mr Dizzo got up off the couch to go and have a wee, and I told him to take our mugs and make the tea on his way back.

I have a mug with Dean on it (well, DUH!) and Mr Dizzo has a mug with Tigger on it.

When he came back, complete with two steaming mugs of tea, he casually announced, 'I put the sugar in the wrong one.  You're in the Tigger mug, I'm in Dean.'

And thus, once again, were a million fanfics born ...
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Mr D and I decided to treat ourselves this morning, so as the coffee shop in our village wasn't open this morning, we headed over to one we knew would be open, which was on a trading estate a few miles away.

After breakfast, we wandered over to browse in a couple of the superstores.  Mr D always heads for Halfords, a chain that sells car and bike peripherals which holds absolutely no interest for me, and I headed to Hobbycraft, a store that sells art and craft supplies which I'm drawn to like a moth to a flame!

I was browsing round some sketch pads when Mr D, obviously done in Halfords, came over to join me, and our conversation went like this ...

Me: All done?

Mr D: Yep

Me: Did you get anything?

Mr D: Yeah, a tin of bike grease and a bottle of wet lube.

Me: O.o


Thus were a million fanfics born.
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It's been a really hectic few days in RL, and I've missed you all so much, so I thought I'd just drop by to say 'hi'!!   *hugs*

Jensen's come along to see you too and, oh look ...

He's brought a little - or maybe not - friend along with him! )
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... rediscovered during our recent redecorating/house clearing exercise:

One very erect and highly suggestive banana candle! )
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Mr Dizzo hurt his wrist a couple of days ago.

He was servicing his bike in the garden on Wednesday evening, and doing something (don't ask me what) with the biggest spanner he owned, and his sweaty, oily hand slipped off the spanner which spun round and smacked him right on that nerve-rich knob of bone on the side of his wrist.

The following day, his fingers were numb and his hand quite swollen, so as he works at our local hospital, he decided to get it checked out.

He told me this evening that when the nurse asked him what had happened, he told her:

'Well, I had this great big tool in my hand, and my hand was all oily and slipped off the end while I was twisting it.'

Luckily his wrist isn't broken.  Which is probably more than I can say for that poor nurse!!!!
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... when you offer to give someone a brief tutorial on photo editing software only the day after a rather bizarre conversation with that same person about unusual sexual practices ...

Okay, I'm seriously disturbed! )
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I'm sorry ladies, I just couldn't help myself.
A little teeny-weeny drabble inspired by a certain video doing the rounds this week ... with a Dizzo-esque twist.


Genre: Humour
Rating: T for a couple of naughty words
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Word Count: 100
Disclaimer: Don't own

Dean's cursed - but it's Sam that suffers ... )


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