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May. 1st, 2017 07:58 pm
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Well Parody Sam is all done, and so am I now until after Asylum 18 and JIB.

Now I need to concentrate on finishing up at work, figuring out photo op poses, sorting out all my travel paperwork, tickets and ID, and planning my packing properly so that I don't turn up in Blackpool with a suitcase containing a box of tampons and one sock.

Unfortunately my scanner has chosen the busiest and most manic time of my year to die (as you can see I'm very sympathetic to it's plight - the bastard!), so this picture was taken by camera under a flash, hence the wishy-washy colouring. I'll be taking Sam into town tomorrow to get him scanned properly.

Parody Sam )

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It was only a matter of time ...

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Jan. 1st, 2016 09:22 pm
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I decided on a 'witchy' start to 2016.  Here's Rowena!

Rowena )
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Time for a pre-season celebration!!!


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And for the lovely [ profile] wings128's birthday ... a present that unwraps itself!



Sep. 13th, 2015 08:05 pm
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It's been a lovely chillin' day, just relaxing and drawing,  No distractions, no interruptions - a perfect day as the song goes!
And so this is my latest Supernatural portrait, begun at around 11 am this morning, and completed about 7 pm - another one ahead of Asylum 15 ...

Sheriff Jodie )
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I've had a nice free weekend, and so I decided to start doing a few more portraits to take a A14 and JIB in May.  Here's the first picture.  It's of Gadreel, I hope I can get Tahmoh to sign it!

 photo gadreel_zps258a0db6.jpg


May. 5th, 2014 06:12 pm
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My latest Supernatural portrait; everyone's favourite slimy weasel and all-round smug git!

Crowley ... )
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The Supernatural T Shirt Design Competition is finally underway, and so I'm asking my lovely F-listies - if you can find a moment, please vote for my design.

You have to log in to vote but it only takes a second or three - I promise!

I can't promise you fame or riches for your efforts, but I can promise you my eternal gratitude and a shirtless Jensen picspam.

Thank you so much!


Okay, I'm not above bribery.
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A little celebration of the legendary OPT

Rating: G
Character/s: Dean Winchester
Spoilers/Warnings: None

Preview ...

One Perfect

Full picture here ... )


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