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Here's the finished bunny pic that I started during my tutorial a couple of weeks ago!!

He's called 'so Near So Far'! )
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Here is the write-up from the tutorial that I presented to my local art society a couple of weeks back.

I'm still working on the picture, and aim to have it finished by the weekend!
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I'm in the process of getting my equipment together for tomorrow night.

I'm doing another evening tuition session down at the local art club, and tomorrow I'm demonstrating 'animals in pastel'.

I wanted to get an outline picture ready, so that I could concentrate on the pastel work for the workshop, and this little guy hopped into my mind!

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Okay, so continuing my quest for signing fodder for the cons, I've embarked on my annual quest to draw Sam and Dean.  I've done many different flavours of our boys over the years, but this year I decided to do something different.

I'm doing a combined bigger picture for them both to sign.  And, I had this crazy idea to give myself a new challenge - because 'simple' is boring, right?  I picked a couple of pictures of them from one of my favourite episodes, Monster Movie, which just happens to be filmed in black and white ...

Pics here )
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It just occurred to me that I never posted a finished picture of Duke.  He went ot his new home on Tuesday, and I was thrilled to hear that he's much loved and appreciated!

His owner wanted a picture of him sitting at the top of the staircase which is his favourite place in the house.

Although we're still not sure on what the real Duke thinks about him - apparently he hasn't commented yet :D

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I've managed to get a bit more work done on Duke over the last couple of evenings.  I've pretty much finished work on him, I've just got to put in the background tomorrow.  He's supposed to be sitting at the top of the stairs bcause that's his favourite spot!

Duke )
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I've spent the weekend working on my first commission of 2017.  Duke is a gorgeous dalmation, and my brief is to draw him sitting at the top of the stairs because that's his favourite spot.

I don't normally do my dogs in full body, so this is an interesting variation from my usual portrait:

Full body shot, taken under domestic light with a flash

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My merry threesome are finally all finished, ready to take their place on the stall this summer!
(Picture taken under domestic light with a flash, so it looks a bit washed out).

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I managed to get some good work done on this picture over the weekend.

It's been hard going what with work really eating my weeks recently.  Getting home some nights at near 7pm, I'm just too tired and not at all in the right frame of mind to do much creative.  I'm hoping this is just a combination of a new software system we've been implementing which seems to be causing more problems than it's solving right now, and a bit of fed-up-of-winter blues!

But anyway, it'll be nice to get my first picture of the year under my belt, and this is my progress so far.  A bit more work to do, and lots of finishing touches, but I'm well on the way there now!

Picture here ... )
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I've had a productive day, getting a good few hours work in on my latest pic ...

It's tentatively titled 'Three's a Crowd'. )
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Mr Dizzo has a very good friend - a lovely guy called Martyn.  They met when they worked together on the railway yonks ago, and although they have long since gone their separate ways, we've all remained good friends and will be seeing Martyn tomorrow evening after work.

We have a little tradition between us which started right from the first Christmas that Mr D and Martyn knew each other.  You see, Mr D was a railwayman, but was NOT a train enthusiast; he was a great pains to point this out to anyone who would listen.  Martyn, on the other hand, loves trains, and is very knowledgable and enthusiastic about them.  He can talk about them at length ...

Trust me, I know!

Anyhoo, that Christmas Martyn was bemoaning the fact that there are hardly any decent Christmas card with pictures of diesel engines on them ... REALLY?  Is anyone surprised?  And so, for a joke, that first year, I drew him a Christmas card wiith a cartoon train and a caricature of him on it.
He loved it so much, I kind of set a benchmark, and now I've ended up drawing a card every year for him!

Now, I've done about fifteen of these things over the years, and they normally involve some kind of in joke revolving around what's going on in the railway, or in Martyn's life generally.

Sadly, I can only find three of them saved on my computer for posterity - including the one I've just finished drawing tonight, so as they are fun to do, and they make Martyn happy, these are my happy pictures for today ...

Train stuff! )
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A few weeks ago, I posted a picture that I drew of Tony Dinozzo, Michael Weatherley's character in NCIS, which I drew as a Christmas surprise for my Mum.

However, over the last few weeks, I've kept looking at it on and off, and I've become more and more aware that I'm not really happy with it.

I can't quite put my finger on what I don't like about it, except that I think it looks 'shallow'; there just doesn't appear to be any depth or solidity to it.

I also deviated from my norm and drew it on a pale background.  I did this, firstly because I didn't actually have any black paper at the time, and secondly, I know my Mum likes lighter colours but, again, I don't think it did anything for the picture.

So, I decided to do it again, this time on my favourite black background, and, I think I'm much happier with the second version ...

What do you reckon?

original picture )

version II )
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Well, it's taken longer than I normally would have liked, but my two boys, Pom and Chef are finally finished and approved by their owner.

It's no secret that although I enjoy drawing all animals, horses are by far and away my favourite subject.  My art business, dapplegrey art, even got its name on the basis that I originally set out to draw only horses!

So this was a nice way to (almost) round off 2016 art-wise.  I have one last exhibition in two weeks, but in terms of comissions, this is it!

Horsey pic! )


Nov. 4th, 2016 08:50 pm
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I'm gradually cracking on with my horsey picture.

It's unfortunate that this one is coinciding with a period in which I'm having a couple of weekends away and because I'm taking time off work for long weekends, I've ended up working some extra hours to keep on top of things.

So, all in all, I'm losing evening time as well as weekends and although the weekends away are awesome, they also seriously reduce my arting time, so getting any decent drawing done is a bit like pulling teeth at the moment. But hey ho, when we get back from this weekend's travels, I intend to try to get this one finished by the end of next week.

Anyhoo, this is my progress so far!

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Day 56 and 57: It's been a fabulous, crazy, wonderful weekend at Asylum 17.

All I can say is that all the guests were charming, as always.  Some, like Sebastian Roche, Theo Devaney, Adam Rose, Tyler Johnson, DJ Qualls, Travis Wester, Travis Aaron Wade and AJ Buckley, I've met before, but I've never met Corin Nemec before and Jessica Heafey and Lisa Berry have never attended a con before, so it was lovely to see some new faces.

I'll post some thoughts and some pictures over the next couple of days as I catch up with things, but in the meantime, here's a taster of the general mood ...

What a weekend! )
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Okay, although I said Balthazar would be my last picture before Asylum 17, I feel compelled, given a recent guest announcement, to put my horsey pic on ice for a couple of days and  try to squeeze one more in before I leave for Birmingham on Friday.

Allowing for work, I have three free evenings, including this one to complete this, so no pressure!!!

*Sigh* who needs a life?  You know, like, with conversations with other people and stuff ...

Guess Who!! )

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I'm so behind on the meme, but I haven't been idle.  I've just started on my next job, and it's two horses called Pom and Chef.  Pom is a piebald and Chef is a bay.

I love to do horses, and I've made some decent progress so far:

Picture )

And that's my happy post for the day!
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I've finished my latest picture; this is Harry - baby, adolescent and adult.

He's been seen by his owner, and she's happy too :D

Always a nice feeling!

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Another productive day of artwork, and I've made some good progress on Harry!

When I draw, I always have the TV on in the background, and today, I was half-watching the DVD of 2012.  I forgot that our little Osric was in it, so I had his delightful company while I worked!
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Here's my latest piece of artwork, Harry, a cute golden labrador.

Harry's owner liked the format of my last picture of Dylan (here), and so has asked me to do the same arrangement for Harry.  So there's an adult picture of Harry, with two subsidiary pictures of him; one as an adolescent pup and the other as a tiny baby pup.

I started him yesterday and have been making so decent progress so far:

(This was taken under domestic lighting, so the colour duplication is pretty pants!)

And this is real mini-Harry!


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